Friday, September 30, 2011

Vi Peel Rave Reviews!!!

Hello Dollface Beauty tells her experience with the VI Peel.  My favorite new peel at Chenal Skin Care.

She gives a glowing endorsement.  

A few months ago, I read about Dr. Kalil and his famous ViPeel, then saw some before and after photos of women who had this special treatment and was instantly intrigued. The end result of this face peel has potential to be truly remarkable.
The ViPeel promises to: Improve the tone, texture and clarity of your skin, Reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma, Soften lines and wrinkles, Clear acne skin conditions, reduce or eliminate acne scars, Stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin.
When I received the invitation to try it, I jumped at the chance. Off to Santa Monica I went! I have never had a peel- a few good facials- but never a peel. I truly didn’t know what to expect but was game to try it.
Because I cannot stand to be outside without a little sunscreen, I wore my tinted moisturizer with an spf and eye makeup. Of course Dr. Kalil had to clean my face, which I expected, but did not expect him to use pure acetone! I saw the bottle of it on the desk and didn’t consider that it would be used for my face. But yes, he applied some on a cotton pad and took off my makeup with the very same product I use to take the polish off my nails.
Later I learned that acetone is often used before chemical peels to boost saturation of the acid, it also cleans thoroughly like an astringent. Dr. Kalil explained, as he wiped my face, that he developed this peel for his daughter who had suffered from acne. He created the peel to have very little downtime and to be virtually painless. A small fan blew cool air towards my face as the peel was applied after the acetone.
I was nervous it would hurt or sting but the only sensation was a light tingling in my face. And that was it! I had a Katy Perry concert to attend that evening and Dr. Kalil assured me I would be perfectly fine to go. The peel needs to remain on the face for about four hours then I could apply as much makeup as I wanted.

Dr. Kalil sent me home with some ViDerm products and directions on how to care for my face. Two little towelettes were to be used on subsequent evenings, followed by a ViPeel moisturizer and sunscreen during the day. The ViDerm cleanser he sent me with is a very gentle product that removes makeup and keep skin clean and soft. I’m still using  the cleanser which I love.
The first day was fine, my skin looked normal, maybe just a bit sunburned. I didn’t do anything or go anywhere and was disappointed that my skin was not reacting. I wanted to see something!
The second day my skin started feeling tight and continued to look tan. I liked that part.  A little bit of peeling took place around my mouth which I noticed while shopping in Forever21. When I got home, I noticed peeling around my chin too. I kept applying the moisturizer and that took care of any tight feelings and minor discomfort. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t peel that skin. I kept at it like it was my job.
On the third day, lots of peeling occurred. I kept applying the moisturizer which is super gentle yet rich and light. That helped. My skin kept peeling and anything else I put on it, besides the moisturizer, aggravated it. When I typed on my computer, pieces of skin fell on the keyboard (true story) and my kids kept giving me funny looks as I peeled strips of skin from my cheeks and forehead.
By the next day, I was itchy and peeling a lot. I had to get out some Hydro-cortisone to relieve the redness that was going on. I was definitely uncomfortable. BUT…as the peeling slowly came to an end a good five days after the application, I noticed that my skin looked truly amazing.
In fact, I didn’t even need foundation. My pores were smaller, skin looked brighter and more refined. Suddenly the peeling and discomfort became a distant memory and I was (am) very happy with my new and improved skin.
Since the ViPeel is a medical chemical peel, it should only be done by a professional, which you can find on the official ViPeel website.
Dr. Kalil also offers a line of products, which I have been using faithfully for the past two weeks. I love the skin smoothing properties of the ViDerm body wash and moisturizer, and my skin continues to look much better and smoother as I use the ViDerm Ultra A lotion and moisturizer. If you have the chance to get a ViPeel, take it! Just know that your skin WILL peel, you might experience minor discomfort but the end result will be worth it.

Doesn't this sound great?  I have had 2 of these peels.  I absolutely love how my skin feels after a VI Peel.  Come into Chenal Skin Care Center and have a peel and your skin will look fabulous for the upcoming fall events,  the holidays are around the corner too.  Virginia

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