Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing the NuFACE Toning Device


                    Advanced Facial Toning Device
                    Where Beauty and Technology Meet

We have the NuFACE at Chenal Skin Care now...and it is turning heads as it tones.  The perfect Mother's Day gift for you girls to give your Mother and once you see the amazing results...you will want one too.

Microcurrent produces proliferation of cells by
fibroblasts' secretion of proteins such as collagen.
Additionally, it works on the nerves and muscle cells
to increase tonicity of the fine facial muscles.
Research has shown that the results of the
microcurrent are not only dramatic but long lasting.
Microcurrent heals and regenerates tissue; it is a
corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment unlike
other relative systems such as muscle stimulators
whose temporary effect acts as a band-aid in the aging

The effects of microcurrent are as follows:
• It is able to reconstruct or re-educate the muscle
tissue stretching or tightening as necessary. It will
stretch out cramped and shortened muscles as occur,
for example, around the eyes, mouth and forehead, so
reducing fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand it
will strengthen and tone loose and slack muscles, for
instance, around the cheeks, jaw line, bottom, thighs
and breast, giving a firmer appearance to the face and
• It is able to stimulate and speed up the rate at which
the skin produces its own connective tissue fibers,
collagen and elastin, increasing the supportive
framework of the dermis.

Microcurrent delivers a variety of benefits to patients who wish to maintain/attain a healthier and younger looking appearance. Microcurrent is safe and effective for the following purposes:
• Improve facial and neck muscle tone
• Lift jowls and eyebrows
• Rejuvenate the skin
• Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce puffiness
• Even out skin tone
• Improve facial circulation
• Aids in skin exfoliation
• Increase lymphatic drainage
• Increase product penetration
• Acts as a sun damage treatment
• Reduce cellulite
• Enhances the body’s natural collagen and elastin production
• Re-hydrates skin
• Increase cellular metabolism (ATP)
• Improves hormonal balance which aids in the successful treatment of acne
• Allows for an easier Make-up application
• Tightens enlarged pores

Our NuFace devices are flying out the door.  We have seen remarkable results from our clients who are using the NuFace at home.  Come into Chenal Skin Care and let us demonstrate the microcurrent on one side of your face,  you will see an immediate difference, with zero pain (love that).   Call 223-4044 now to make an appointment to come in and experience this toning device,  you will not want to go home without one.  They come in neat colors too:  pink,  teal,  graphite,  and white.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why OH Why do I really need a TONER ???

                                While you are toning your bodies     
                                  Tone your face too??  Really??

Out of all the skin care products on the market today, toners are a mystery to most people.  Many of you want to know.. why you need a toner??

My Bellanina blog shares some great answers to that question:

Aside from giving your skin an opportunity to be relieved of further makeup and cellular debris, toners give our skin a pH balance.  Our skin should stay between 5 and 6 pH.  After cleansing, the pH balance gets disturbed and when this happens it has to work harder to regain it's balance, which can also mean it will produce more oil.  Using a toner helps to restore the balance quickly.
Another side benefit of using a toner is to get the hard water residue off of the skin.  That white streak that you see on the side of a freshly washed glass that has just been rinsed is chlorine and hard minerals.  These hard minerals are left on your skin after you rinse off the cleanser products.  These minerals can dry your skin.
Removing oil with toner gives the skin an appearance of smaller pores and smaller pores makes skin look smoother and more youthful.  Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing.  This reduces the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.
Some toners have humectant qualities, which mean that they help to bind moisture to the skin.   We recommend that if you don’t want to wash your face in the morning, use a toner to get the oil or dirt off of your skin.  Your skin will feel fresh, softened and revitalized.

Come by Chenal Skin Care Center and get your toner.  We have several toners by SkinCeuticals to choose from with great exfoliating properties.   And Obagi has a great mild soothing toner.
Do not let another day go by without toning your face,  now that you know how important it is for you skin.  Virginia

Monday, February 6, 2012

What is Dermaplaning?

Want to have baby smooth skin on your face??  Of course you do!!!!!

                                Dermaplaning Explained 
                      By the Askanesthetician's Blog Post

If you have a lot of fine facial hair perhaps you have wondered what the best way was to get rid of it?  Or have you ever considered why you shave your legs but don't use a razor on your face?  Have you heard of dermaplaning and always thought "what the heck is that?".  I hope this post will clear up all that confusion.

What Is Dermaplaning?

LNE & Spa magazine, which I read exclusively online, had an article back in November, 2011 all about dermaplaning, called, appropriately enough - Dermaplaning.  In the article the author Tina Zillman talks both about the technique of dermaplaning and what it does for the skin:

Within the medical community (particularly plastic surgeons), dermaplaning is viewed as a noninvasive surgical procedure that can essentially strip away dead skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.  The technique may be used synonymously with dermabrasion (not to be mistaken for microdermabrasion) on many medical websites and patents - hence the name "derma," relating to the dermis, and "planing" from the word plane that refers to a tool used to smooth a surface.  The most commonly used tool is a type of scalpel, a surgeon's tool that can cause irreversible damage if used improperly. ...

From an esthetic perspective, dermaplaning has been performed with a scalpel or a disposable safety razor.  Some practices may advertise dermaplaning as an exfoliation treatment, while others use the procedure for hair removal.

Dermaplaning is an ideal treatment for women with fine (otherwise known as vellus) hair all over their faces.  The growth of this type of hair, which can appear like a light fuzz on the face, can make the application of make-up difficult and occurs for many women as they undergo menopause and experience hormonal changes.  Removing this hair with laser or IPL treatments is not a viable option for many since the hair can be white or blonde and the light then cannot capture it for effective hair removal.   Once again, according to the LNE & Spa article:

Hormonal changes in women affect the skin and body, and esthetic dermaplaning essentially shaves vellus hair from the face.  Aside from the loss of elasticity, skin thinning and dryness, vellus hair on the face becomes a visible problem on middle-aged women.   ...  Facial waxing is still a common practice for the removal of this hair, but the procedure is prone to many problems.  The hair is so fine that gentle facial waxes may not pick it all up, and a mature women's skin may be susceptible to burning and tearing.  Combine these variables with exfoliation treatments, cosmeceutical skin care product use at home, and/or use of certain prescription drugs-and the risk of damaging the skin and causing discomfort is even greater.

Call Chenal Skin Care 223-4044.  Make an appointment for a Dermaplane so you can have glowing smooth skin for Valentine's Day.  It is a relaxing painless procedure.  You will love it.  Virginia

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year


 The Clock is Ticking.....              
A new year is the perfect time to renew your skin.  You are not getting any younger.  But the good news is you can get better with age at Chenal Skin Care Center.  It is TIME to add Phloritin Vitamin C by SkinCeuticals to your skin care regimen.   

Vitamin C Power....
Not all Vitamin C products are the same.

 SkinCeuticals has superior Vitamin C serums and gels.

Absorption is the key to a truly effective Vit. C product.  Purity, Percentage, and PH level effect the performance of a Vit. C product.
**A Vit. C product must contain L-Ascorbic acid, the only form of C the body can use.
**The Vit. C must be present in high concentrations (20%) concentration of L-ascorbic acid gets the maximum amount of  Vit. C into the skin.
** It must be formulated at acid pH below 3.5 to effectively be absorbed into the skin.
These levels cannot be achieved by diet and are pharmacological levels.

So Vitamin C power is essential to prevent premature aging.   The SkinCeutical  Vitamin C products correct existing photodamage, especially age spots and laxity.  Daily use will even out your skin tone and provide optimal protection from damaging rays causing skin cancer.  

Start 2012 with the best antioxidant formulations you can have to renew your skin and turn back the clock. 
Call us at 223-4044 for a free consult.  Happy New Year...Virginia