Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year


 The Clock is Ticking.....              
A new year is the perfect time to renew your skin.  You are not getting any younger.  But the good news is you can get better with age at Chenal Skin Care Center.  It is TIME to add Phloritin Vitamin C by SkinCeuticals to your skin care regimen.   

Vitamin C Power....
Not all Vitamin C products are the same.

 SkinCeuticals has superior Vitamin C serums and gels.

Absorption is the key to a truly effective Vit. C product.  Purity, Percentage, and PH level effect the performance of a Vit. C product.
**A Vit. C product must contain L-Ascorbic acid, the only form of C the body can use.
**The Vit. C must be present in high concentrations (20%) concentration of L-ascorbic acid gets the maximum amount of  Vit. C into the skin.
** It must be formulated at acid pH below 3.5 to effectively be absorbed into the skin.
These levels cannot be achieved by diet and are pharmacological levels.

So Vitamin C power is essential to prevent premature aging.   The SkinCeutical  Vitamin C products correct existing photodamage, especially age spots and laxity.  Daily use will even out your skin tone and provide optimal protection from damaging rays causing skin cancer.  

Start 2012 with the best antioxidant formulations you can have to renew your skin and turn back the clock. 
Call us at 223-4044 for a free consult.  Happy New Year...Virginia