Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring into Action

                           Spring is here ladies and gentleman
                                  Time to spring into Action!
                           Schedule a Pigment Balancing Masque
                                           by SkinCeuticals

 The weather is warming...the sun is coming....get your face ready for spring.  In the spring and summer we like to wear less make-up.
We have a new chemical peel that evens out your skin tone so you can go with less or "NO" make up this summer.  

The Pigment Balancing Masque is a customizable brightening treatment targeting hyperpigmentation to dramatically improve the appearance of photodamaged skin.  This masque combines high-performance brightening agents with a peeling acid solution to accelerate cell renewal and diminish hyperpigmentation.

SkinCeuticals also has several new products that work with your skin daily to diffuse hyperpigmentation.

Pigment Regulator:  This patent-pending formulation combines precise concentrations of kojic acid and emblica along with a highly efficient exfoliating blend, optimized to work by three modes of action to systematically improve uneven skin tone. Pigment Regulator inhibits the production of excess melanin, prevents excess melanin from traveling to the skin’s surface, and breaks up melanin clusters on the skin's surface to diminish exisiiting discoloration.

Retexturizing  Activator:  This revolutionary resurfacing and replenishing serum surpasses the results of a 20% daily glycolic treatment while simultaneously reinforcing the skin’s barrier for healthier, more radiant skin. Retexturing Activator harnesses two polar mechanisms — exfoliation and hydration — to activate skin’s regeneration response, visibly diminishing surface lines and transforming skin’s fabric into a smoother, softer texture.

These products along with the Pigment Balancing Masque will transform your skin.  A wonderful new follow up product to use after procedures is 
Epidermal Repair: Epidermal Repair is specifically formulated for skin compromised by cosmetic procedures ranging from microdermabrasion to laser resurfacing, as well as skin sensitized by retinoid therapy or harsh environmental aggressors.

Epidermal Repair is clinically shown to greatly diminish redness and soothe irritated skin while the cosmetically elegant texture encourages daily use, especially during the critical healing period following rejuvenating procedure

Would you enjoy wearing less make-up this summer?  
Send me your thoughts......Virginia